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We will help you determine if personalized Latech Soft Computer Center programs are right for your child. At LSCC, we create confident, independent students by discovering and targeting the causes of academic frustrations. Using the results of a comprehensive Skills Assessment, we create a personalized curriculum that addresses and eliminates underlying issues. Through positive reinforcement and our unique instructional method known as we ensure that each student achieves success. What's more, academic success translates into improved confidence and enthusiasm for learning - qualities that help students well beyond their years in school. By working in partnership with parents and schools, LSCC prepares students for challenges and opportunities ahead.

About Us

LSCC is the only education provider that administers them together and combines the results to give a detailed picture of each student's academic strengths and weaknesses. With this information, our specially trained staff can pinpoint your child's "skill gaps," the most common cause of under-performance.

Assessment results and reports are available quickly — usually within a few days — meaning your child can start strengthening skills and eliminating skill gaps as soon as possible.

Dandifying skill gaps enables our specially trained staff to determine the exact learning experiences your child needs. Every student at LSCC, in every course we offer, has a personalized program aimed at filling these skill gaps, strengthening existing skills, and acquiring new, more advanced skills.

The most important aspect of the LSCC Learning Center program is knowing that your child will be taught by caring and committed certified teachers. All LSCC employees share a love of teaching, a commitment to children, and a desire to help students do their best. Seeing students succeed and grow is as rewarding to them as it is to the students, and it's one of the many reasons they choose to teach at LSCC.

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